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Boat Ibiza Rent

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Boat Ibiza Rent

Discover the allure of Ibiza's waters with Boat Ibiza Rent, your premier choice for luxury yacht charters. Cruise the Mediterranean in style on our diverse fleet, from the dynamic Sessa Key Largo 27 to the luxurious Vandutch 40. Enjoy transparent pricing, 24/7 phone support, and thrilling activities like SeaBob and JetSki. Explore Ibiza's secluded coves and pristine beaches with confidence. Secure your dream yacht at our web location,, or visit us at Carrer de sa Torre Blanca, 4, portal A, 3F IBIZA 07800. Redefine your Ibiza adventure with Boat Ibiza Rent – where luxury and the sea converge.

Carrer de sa Torre Blanca, 4 portal A, 3F


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